How can I trust you?
With over 1000 customers, we can guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any doubts, check our reviews!
How can I contact support?
If you have any questions or issues we are always here to help! Simply start a live chat, or dm owner on our discord
My account isn't working or I didn't get email with my account details, what can I do?
Join our discord and dm owner with receipt. Please don't open case on PayPal without contacting us because then we will not able to help you.
How will my account be delivered?
After paying, you will get message on your PayPal mail with account details. Accounts are typically delivered within 2-5 minutes.
How long is the warranty?
All purchases come with a LIFETIME warranty unless you lost account from your reason.
Why do you have such low prices?
By purchasing your accounts straight from the source, we're able to pass the discounts on to you! Don't get ripped off by resellers or competitors!
Which payment methods can I use?
We currently support Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or Crypto (automatic payment on site) we also accepting steam gift cards, Paysafecard, and a lot more, just join our discord and write to owner.
Is this legal?
It is completely legal for you to purchase accounts from us!
Can I link my account?
Yes, all accounts can be linked on the official epic games website. We will replace non-linkable accounts
Do you offer refunds?
We offering full refunds but you will MUST contact us on discord.
Do you offer discounts?
As our prices are already so low, we do not offer any discounts unless you purchase in bulk ($200+).
Are the account full access/include email?
Yes, all of the accounts at LiteFN.com are full access. You can change your account details at www.epicgames.com.
Are the accounts safe?
Of course! We purchase all of our accounts off reputable account owners. There is no risk of getting banned.